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888 Holdings PLC, (LSE: 888) known commonly as 888.com, is a public company which owns several popular gambling brands and websites. 888 is based in Gibraltar. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

An angry player shared his experience: "I have received welcome bonus and have completed all wagering requirements. After that I have won over 800£. I have requested founds to be withdrawn and get withdrawal confirmation. Next day I have received request to upload my documents for verification. I have uploaded pictures of my UK driving licence which is registered in the same name and address as my account with 888casino. Following day I have received email from they operation team saying that my account was closed due to failing security checks. They haven’t include any details or explain why these checks were unsuccessful. I have contacted their operation team but never get any reply. Their online chat is not available neither customer service number. I have read the reviews on internet and it seems to be usual way for this casinos to treat people this way. I do feel that only thing I did wrong was winning money and they try to use excuses and not pay me my winnings."


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Maria Capstick says

"Same winners same names ... the chat hosts are lovely and try really hard to keep players happy ... bottom line is I closed my account due to never really winning anything and constantly seeing the same names wipe out the money ....in all the bingo rooms even when winning another bingo room ... things didn’t add up ... slots were rubbish just money eaters ... keep your money in your bank ... I did see some unhappy ppl giving it out in the chat though ... poor chat hosts are left to deal with all the crap ..."

Claire Bransby says

"Can't work out how you actually win money, you deposit your £10 and get £50 to play but once your £10 is spent you seem to be playing with 'bingo bonus' whatever that actually is. Any time I've played with bingo bonus and won, the money goes onto the bingo bonus which isn't real cash, neither is the gaming bonus. It's confusing and there isn't much information on the site to help. Will stick to tombola from now on."

Beverley Amy Robson says

"Do not even waste ya fingers joining this site £70 & £5.20 win ??? Work that out into a percentage ??? Its a joke always same winners think its a computer making up names that always win !!! Wish I had read the reviews .. I normally do ??? Please always read the reviews guys ."

Lee Djames says

"Dont even bother with these had over £1000 in my account they closed my account as said I had multiple accounts with them, they have kept the £1000, bear in mind they let me deposit and took money from me had my account for ages then soon as I had a win just like that closed my account and they took my winnings"

Janice Duffill says

"Wish I had read the reviews before joining 888 ladies.. everything wrote on here is true. Slots that just take take. Bingo well no chance with that.. can't believe they are asking you to deposit over 150 pounds to just win 1 raffle ticket for Christmas disgusting.. it really does just take your money and you don't have a chance of winning anything.. closing my account down not impressed at all."

David says

"yet another site owned by 888 which just steals you money ..Slots that never payout ,,and free spin bonuses which are a complete waste of time ...STEER clear of this site and all the other sites 888 own"

Joe Black says

"website doesn't load and if it does the games keep crashing. don't use this site !"

Mrs bingo player says

"Anything 888 cannot be trusted. If you are smart, you will google how many bingo sites they have bought out because they don’t like the competition and now they have bought out all the cassava ones, they are now banning all the loyal customers, which means their takings are now down and wins/payouts on their sites are very low. It is to raise numbers on their really bad sites like 888 ladies, which is outdated and rubbish. Take time to read their terms and conditions and you will see they already have every player suspected of money laundering or trying to con them so can ban your membership from playing in an instant. Take my advice, only play if you are prepared to be conned and treated badly as a customer by them."

Mrs Margaret Thompson says

"This is the worst sight I have been just joined on sun 8th November everytime I try to log in cant I would like my money back cant even get into customer services"

Hoshyar Gg says

"Its really scam and ever 1 minute in the game log you out . And you only win some money on your 1st time when you join. Then you never win nothing. I get email everday from this scam people what's I don't want to play with them . Please don't feeding this scam people. They only taken they never pay out . SCAM SCAM SCAM."

Joleen barlow says

"Well I have played on some really bad sites in the past but this site makes them look good, I played fishing frenzy on 40p play and done over 150 spins, won the odd £2 here and 40p there but no feature, stupidly went back on today and low and behold I got a feature on the first spin...go on guess how much I won from.... £1 yep £1.. so I play on goonies, do loads of spins I actually lost count, no bonus no skulls light up NOTHING. These gambling sites are getting away with ripping us all of so much now they don't even try to hide it anymore! And don't reply with the usual b.s. about random number generators 🙄 there is nothing random about constantly loosing, I have NEVER seen a site so fixed in all my life. You will eventually get caught like some gambling sites have done quite recently!! Oh and the bingo, please don't start me on that one, same winners all the time and players joining half way through a game 🤔 laughable"

Sally majid says

"I have been using 888 ladies for a while now. The withdrawal process takes a long time and even when you have withdrawn several amounts on the same day they hold back some of you money and send on different days! Also, when playing on the slots I have noticed that even before the slot stops rolling the balance amount goes up so they are fixing the slots, not random at all!! I am waiting for some monies to be refunded and will be closing my account. Very poor."

Jay Finney says

"Really unhappy. I signed up based on the 400% deposit bonus. I deposited £40 and didnt get my sign up bonus. No code was needed. I tried calling. After 2 hours i was cut off so before spending the £40 i withdrew it back out. Im now being told i still wont get the deposit bonus because i withdrew back my £40. I get that if u withdraw your money, you lose any bonuses but it would help if i got a bonus in the 1st place. I did everything before taking my money back. Emailed.... no reply. Live chat..... cut off 5 times. Phone call.... after 2 hour wait i got cut off. Now if i deposit, i wont get the 400% bonus because technically i have already deposited and withdrew. I believe as a good will gesture they should still manually credit this"

Thomas Mccann says

"i have been blocked by 888 on 2 bingo sites,i have done nothing wrong.try and find bingo sites not run by 888,they do not notify you with any answers till you keep enmailing,im in my 70s im housebound ,these people have distressed me enormously.im also isolating."

Lucius says

"The welcome bonus was nice. But i played for an hour or so. In that time the same two people won every time. That is atleast 15-20 games between 70-100 people... And the same two every time.. That is statistically impossible.. So I did not bother with depositing any cash.. Would be throwing money away as it is clearly rigged..."

Ch5rlie says

Have used this site happily for a few years, am now sure games are fixed as my balance changes as soon as l press a button, (slots) so l know whether I've won before the reels have even turned and stopped???
Bonuses are total rubbish. The new October one says site can't be found/error etc so can't play this offer.
I have had a few wins and withdrawal hasn't been a problem. I love that the reverse withdrawal is in place, saves being tempted to reverse. Overall, a fair site to play on, if you don't mind knowing what you've won or lost before spins stop."

Kaz McGrath says

"I play on this site but think it's a bit dated.It should have live casino like other sites."

Jess92 says

"I do enjoy 888 however it’s the only one where withdrawal times still takes 48 hours to even been approved regardless of how long you’ve been with the site. Heart bingo, virgin games, coral, William hill, all withdraw and money in the account the same day. I don’t no why it takes so long. First withdrawal fair enough but a regular customer it’s ridiculous now when all the competitors now deal with them instantly."

Sian Dando says

"Hi.. Can anyone confirm for me which Documents have to b sent over in order to claim ur withdrawal.. I've sent 2 emails and only received a general automated responce. I tried to withdraw Sunday which I know is the weekend but even a normal response to an email would be nice.. Thanks"

Sonia says

"i Have just contacted them and they said they have sent a email to my email but had the wrong one so think it’s mixed crossed wires and I had to email customersercurity, but I will let you know cause I have money suppose to be coming in my bank but she was nice on the phone"

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